Types of research

IBR delivers tailor-made research. We work with a research proposal based on your company’s internal issues. Your organisational goals in the destination country are the main focus of our research proposals.

The price of a research conducted by IBR Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines is: €8900,- (excl. VAT)

For this price two carefully selected students of the faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen and one student of a renowned local university will be contracted. These students will conduct desk-research for 3 months, 20 hours a week prior to the five weeks of full time field research in either Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Your questions will remain central during the entire research period in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

We also offer the possibility to conduct a collective research for you to share the costs of an IBR research among you and your partners. You can always contact us if you require more information about this possibility.

In the past we have, among others, successfully completed the following research projects:


General market analysis

This type of research is used to define the general market attractiveness. Is this market interesting for your organisation? Besides, the trends for the coming years regarding this particular market are investigated.


Customer satisfaction research

Hiring an external party to perform a customer satisfaction research for you can generate new insights with which you can strengthen your position in the market. How can I improve my product and service towards customers? Our students have followed practical as well as theoretical courses in which customer satisfaction research was covered extensively.


Market entry analysis

This type of research is often performed for companies that are not yet present in a certain country or market. An extensive ‘entry strategy’ will be developed in which the challenges and threats for your company in a certain market will be mapped.


Feasibility research

International Business Research can conduct a feasibility research for your company when you already have an idea how you want to enter the market. IBR can investigate how profitable and realizable your idea is. This can vary from the feasibility of, for example, a leading position in the market to a research regarding expanding to another region or perhaps the realisation of a new collaboration with a specific partner.


Supply chain research

This type of research refers to the questions regarding all stages of production. These questions can be fully adapted to your personal situation varying from a national and international supply chain as well as activities that are upstream and downstream focused. IBR could investigate your possibilities for an efficient supply chain in the destination country only. Though, also import possibilities of parts of the production process can be investigated.


We would like to get in contact with you in order to discuss the possibilities for your organisation without further obligations.


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