At IBR we strive to deliver the highest quality to our clients. There are several unique IBR aspects that secure this quality:

Participants selection

Our researchers go through an extensive selection procedure in which their research capabilities will be thoroughly tested. These research skills will be tested by means of writing a research proposal that the students have to justify in front of one of the supporting professors. Besides, students are obliged to have an economic or business related background. Furthermore, they have to be third years Bachelors or Masters students. Every year we try to select a diverse group of students from different study backgrounds in an attempt to fulfil the wishes of our clients as best as possible.


Every project will be supervised by three passionate professors with a great awareness for quality. These professors not only assist the IBR-Board in formulating research proposals, they also make sure that all students receive the necessary substantive preparations prior to the trip. While abroad, they will direct the research projects, provide relevant input and feedback, and monitor the timely delivery of the final reports.

“I have been a passionate IBR-professor for about five times already. I have always really enjoyed the challenges that come along with conducting research in an emerging economy, the discussions, as well as the intensive cooperation with the students. I hope I will be able to supervise an IBR-project for many more times!”
- Dr. Janny C. Hoekstra
Advisory Board & Committee of Recommendation

Every year the Advisory Board consists of more than forty leading people from the business world and governmental institutions. They continuously provide us with advice based on their practical experiences in order to give us valuable insights that are most beneficial to support your company. The Committee of Recommendation consists of highly renowned people from the business world who acknowledge our quality by aligning their name to IBR.


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