The research process runs from the beginning of November until the end of September. The process can be divided into four different phases. In the end, in September, the research will be reported and presented to the company.

General preparation (November – January)

In this phase the student-researchers will be educated to conduct research in the destination country. Specialist lecturers of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the University of Groningen will give workshops in order to teach the students how to perform methodological research. Besides, they will visit training sessions of multiple companies and professionals from the business world. In the past IBR collaborated with, among others, companies like KPMG, Qompas, and MSc. Maarten Rijkens (former director Heineken NV).

Desk Research (January – April)

From the beginning of January the researchers follow a course specially developed for IBR, called ‘Research Projects in Emerging Markets’. It is focused on the development of a research question to gather relevant data in an efficient and effective manner. During the desk research the specific needs of your company will be investigated. After a research proposal has been agreed upon, two researchers will already obtain the required information in the Netherlands and make appointments for the field research phase abroad.

Field Research (April – May)

IBR departs to the country of destination mid April and will conduct field research for five weeks. The main focus during this period will be to speak with the right parties that are important for your organisation. These parties are often a combination of governments, commercial parties and market experts.

Reporting (August)

After the return the report will be completed and all the findings will be presented at your company on a date that has to be negotiated. A confidentiality agreement could be signed prior to the research in order to guarantee that the results will be available for your company only.


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