The IBR Team

During the IBR Project, the team will consist of 30 students; 8 board members, and 22 participating students. The participants will be divided over the three destinations. The participants group will be formed after an extensive selection procedure that takes place in October. Besides, we are advised by the Advisory Board (AB), and the quality of our project is endorsed by the Board of Recommendation (BoR).

  • A.B. Dorhout Mees
    A.B. Dorhout Mees

    Royal Vopak NV

  • A.P.H. Vergroesen
    A.P.H. Vergroesen


  • Achmea B.V.
    Achmea B.V.

    Drs. B.E.M. Tetteroo - Chairman of the Executive Board

  • B.J. Reiring
    B.J. Reiring


  • Bente Steunenberg
    Bente Steunenberg

    Vice Chairman and Travel Logistics

  • Berend Jurgens
    Berend Jurgens

    External Relations

  • C.D. Schut
    C.D. Schut


  • Daniëlle de Jong
    Daniëlle de Jong
  • De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.
    De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.

    K.H.W. Knot - President

  • Dr. K.J. Alsem
    Dr. K.J. Alsem
  • Dr. R.P. Plat
    Dr. R.P. Plat

    Royal IHC

  • Drs. C. Th.M. van der Helm
    Drs. C. Th.M. van der Helm


  • Drs. D.T. Aleven
    Drs. D.T. Aleven

    Food Ventures B.V.

  • Drs. F.C. Keppels
    Drs. F.C. Keppels

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Drs. G.A. Frankena
    Drs. G.A. Frankena


  • Drs. J.J. Folmer
    Drs. J.J. Folmer

    Upp! UpCycling Plastic

  • Drs. J.W. Kijlstra
    Drs. J.W. Kijlstra

    Hapam / Consultexx International

  • Drs. M.J.M. Schoevers
    Drs. M.J.M. Schoevers
  • Drs. R. Gaanderse
    Drs. R. Gaanderse

    RDG Finance Company

  • Duco Fabrie
    Duco Fabrie
  • E.J. Schouwstra
    E.J. Schouwstra

    World Trade Center Noord Nederland

  • E.R. de Wild
    E.R. de Wild

    Optimum Sorting

  • Eleanna Stokking
    Eleanna Stokking
  • Emma Duthler
    Emma Duthler
  • Ernest Bijleveld
  • F.E. Eusman
    F.E. Eusman

    Heineken International

  • Frank Vennik
    Frank Vennik
  • FrieslandCampina

    H.M.A. Schumacher - CEO

  • GasTerra B.V.
    GasTerra B.V.

    Drs. A. Krist - CEO

  • Geertje Motzelt
    Geertje Motzelt
  • H.F. van Eijk
    H.F. van Eijk

    Kenlog B.V.

  • Harm Schipper
    Harm Schipper
  • Heineken N.V.
    Heineken N.V.

    Drs. M.H. Rijkens - Former Director Asia Pacific

  • Helen Jager
    Helen Jager

    Public Relations and Travel Logistics

  • Hugo van Imhoff
    Hugo van Imhoff
  • Ing. R. Birkhoff
    Ing. R. Birkhoff

    Meyn Food Processing Technology BV

  • Ir. CEng. P.D. Swart
    Ir. CEng. P.D. Swart

    SeaLeopard BV

  • Ir. F.A.G.M. Claassen
    Ir. F.A.G.M. Claassen


  • Ir. H.J. Jonge Poerink
    Ir. H.J. Jonge Poerink


  • Ir. J.P. Bartelink
    Ir. J.P. Bartelink

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Ir. M.B.A.M. de Kok
    Ir. M.B.A.M. de Kok

    Van Oord Dredging & Marine Contractors

  • Ir. M.W. Piët
    Ir. M.W. Piët


  • Isabel Overmars
    Isabel Overmars

    External Relations

  • J. van der Vis
    J. van der Vis

    Kamer van Koophandel

  • J.A. van der Burgt
    J.A. van der Burgt


  • J.T.C. Andriessen
    J.T.C. Andriessen


  • Jara van Lieshout
    Jara van Lieshout
  • Jasper Lok
    Jasper Lok

    External Relations

  • Julian Garcia Lechner
    Julian Garcia Lechner

    Vice Chairman and Treasurer

  • Kim van Veldhuizen
    Kim van Veldhuizen
  • L.J.E. Knieriem
    L.J.E. Knieriem

    Rijk Zwaan Distribution B.V.

  • Loes den Hartog
    Loes den Hartog

    External Relations

  • Lot Roelofs
    Lot Roelofs


  • M. van der Lely
    M. van der Lely

    AsiAspire Pte Ltd

  • M.R. van den Broek
    M.R. van den Broek

    Further East Consult

  • M.V. Valentien
    M.V. Valentien


  • Marco Cortus
    Marco Cortus
  • Mark Leegstra
  • Maurits Juch
    Maurits Juch
  • Max Bennink
    Max Bennink
  • N. Mossou-Peters
    N. Mossou-Peters


  • N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
    N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

    Ir. J.J. H.F. Fennema - Board of Directors

  • Philip van den Eijnden
    Philip van den Eijnden
  • Port of Rotterdam N.V.
    Port of Rotterdam N.V.

    Drs. A.S. Castelein - CEO

  • Prof. Dr. A. Boonstra
    Prof. Dr. A. Boonstra
  • R.G.J. Briene
    R.G.J. Briene

    Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

  • Rachel Steenbrink
    Rachel Steenbrink
  • Randstad N.V.
    Randstad N.V.

    J.W. van den Broek - CEO

  • University of Groningen
    University of Groningen

    Prof. Dr. T.N. Wijmenga - Rector Magnificus

  • Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.
    Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.

    Dr. P.A.M. Berdowski - CEO

  • Royal DSM
    Royal DSM

    F. Sijbesma - CEO & Chairman of the Managing Board

  • Royal Haskoning DHV
    Royal Haskoning DHV

    Ir. E. Oostwegel - CEO

  • Royal Philips N.V.
    Royal Philips N.V.

    Drs. F.A. van Houten - CEO

  • Schiphol Group
    Schiphol Group

    Drs. B.I. Otto – Executive Vice President & COO

  • Shell

    Ir. M. van Loon - President and Director

  • Suzanne Scheffers
    Suzanne Scheffers
  • T.B. Beckers
    T.B. Beckers


  • Tara van Bussel
    Tara van Bussel
  • Thijs Blom
  • Thomas Brouwer
    Thomas Brouwer
  • Wouter-Bas ten Berge
    Wouter-Bas ten Berge


Nettelbosje 2, 9747 AE, Groningen, The Netherlands


IBR Malaysia & Vietnam: 
+31(0)50 - 363 3167

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